Using Music To Calm The Brain

Module 1

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Music has been the focus of learning and brain function for a long time. We know that music lights up all areas of the brain but how and why is music so important in not only growing brain connections, but calming the brain?

The way we process sound affects every facet of our learning including motor function, speech, emotion, executive function etc. By understanding the imperative role music and sound plays in our brain health, we are better able to create environments for optimal learning and reduced stress.

What you'll learn

  • The Triad of Learning - focussing on the auditory system

  • Discover your rhythm

  • How your brain hears

  • What affect sound has on our bodies

  • Two of your 12 essential auditory skills

  • The role sound plays in keeping your safe

  • Strategies for enhancing brain function

  • How to calm the brain

  • The importance of music in brain health

  • Our greatest toxic threat


No previous requirements needed for this foundational module. If doing any of the Triad of Learning Modules, this is the one that needs to be completed first.

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This course includes:
  • 59 minutes on-demand video

  • Course Workbook

  • Text Lessons

  • Quizzes

  • Strategies for Calming the Brain